Friday, January 16, 2009

Thoughts From A Thoughtful Mind

  • Every eye can see a beautiful face but very few can make out a beautiful mind.
  • I want to be a person with whom everyone should feel comfortable but alas I do not feel comfortable with many of those who feel comfortable with me.
  • There are lot of buds blooming in the garden but very few of them smells good.
  • There are lot of good smelling flowers in the garden but I am in search of a flower whose smell has not been smelt by anyone.
  • I meet someone when I am alone - its my loneliness.
  • I am married to my loneliness.
  • Sometimes we have to behave like a foolish to prove our intelligence.
  • Sometimes one has to be seriously funny in order to make others laugh.
  • Rarely does a beautiful mind resides behind a beautiful face.
    Its not necessary if a person behaves innocently is innocent.
  • If two people hold different opinion about a person because they see him in different light.
  • If someone is good in a particular subject then all that comes to his mind in that subject is common sense for him.
  • Every event in our life is a source and a destination in itself. The destination could be a source of another destination.
  • If you want to impress a person then do not say what you think is right but rather say what he might feel correct.
  • I may not be having maturity to give you a piece of advice but I am enough matured to guess your maturity.
  • Change never gets changed.
  • All I have been waiting for throughout my life since I was born is my death.
  • Expect the unexpected should be the most expected sentence in our lives.
  • We get divorced from our loneliness when we get married.

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