Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thoughts 8

  • Alas, an ugly face doesn't reveal about a beautiful mind if it has one concealing behind it.
  • A beautiful face sometimes might be hiding an ugly mind behind it.
  • Everyone can be creative by being thoughtful and can become thoughtful by being alone.
  • Thoughts are not generated but rather discovered.
  • Empty minds and places are dangerous because they might be haunted.
  • Try not to keep your mind empty because it might get haunted therefore try filling them with some noble thoughts.
  • The thought that you like the most will most probably the one that has close co-relation with you in any aspect.
  • Usually an example is more explanatory than its generalized idea.
  • Just being clever is not enough you have to be clever enough to make out others intelligence.
  • The amount of intelligence a person should possess must be enough to make his dreams come true.
  • Not every of my thought is worth noting down but most of them are worth giving a second thought.
  • I may not be having a great beauty ,ability or maturity but I am enough thoughtful to make others give a second thought about me.
  • A man reveals his characters by the ideas he keep.
  • Its always not necessary for your ability to support itself but sometimes your inability in one may support in another.
  • A man is not a total of what he does but rather a total of what he thinks he could do.
  • Either a beautiful or an ugly face both could equally be deceptive.
  • Revealing stupidity in front for your friends is not that much huge blunder as much releaving your intelligence openly in front our enemies is.
  • The uglier your are the more beautiful you in the eyes of a person who is contradictory to the person who think you are the most ugly person on earth.
  • The secret of getting a novel thought is to be always thoughtful.
  • Men may come and men may go but I will not come again to share my undiscovered thoughts if I go.
  • The best place to look for the treasure of wisdom is our won sub-conscious mind.
  • A beautiful face may only satisfy your heart's desire whereas a beautiful mind can satisfy your soul's as well.

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