Monday, January 26, 2009

Thoughts 6

  • I don't feel you are even worth enough to be flattered.
  • You can't convince others unless you convince yourself.
  • The biggest satisfaction in your life is that you are satisfied with your life.
  • If you are not willing to perform a task which seem boring to you than start conceiving that this boring task is the beginning part of some interesting one.
  • Learning to believe that you are perfect in whatever you do helps you take the most out of what you had learned until then.
  • It took me a couple of years to feel the presence of myself after I was born.
  • No idea can be completely generalized, every thought in our mind is relative to some context and not in every context.
  • Except God no one is great.
  • Unique ideas that are accepted by most of us are the most common thoughts of our minds.
  • Some of the notable philosophers and writers were called unique because of their unique thoughts which were more common.
  • A widely accepted thoughts is the most common thought.
  • Unlike a beautiful mind a beautiful face is dependent on the admiration of others.
  • What I strongly believe is that all the genius people are followers or disciples of their sub-conscious mind.
  • Always follow your sub-conscious mind as it never leads you astray.
  • In order to convince yourself completely about anything you need to convince yourself that you are ready to be convinced totally.
  • Sometime you may be popular not because of your admirers but rather because of your critics so therefore learn to love them as well for their efforts which might contribute to your popularity.
  • You can make out a gals character to a certain extent by looking the way she behaves when you look at her or by noticing the change she brings in her behavior when you throw a glance at her.
  • A person's state of mind at a particular instance of time can be discovered by the kind of songs he listens to at that moment.
  • I prefer to be an ignorant about you rather than to be called an arrogant after meeting you.
  • Most of the people who are unique possess most common thoughts. The more common thoughts are the most widely accepted.
  • Rare peoples thoughts are very common and widely accepted.
  • You become the type of the person, the type of thinking you engages yourself in.

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