Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thoughts 10

  • The wiser you are, the more practical you are.
  • The most appropriate person to compete with all the time is 'yourself'.
  • Always try to beat yourself after beating everyone this way you will be always ahead.
  • The least done job by the most of the people is being 'thoughtful'.
  • We can't live without thinking, I ever wonder how most of the people manage to live out their lives without giving a thought.
  • Most of the people think in order to live but very few live in order to think.
  • Let your sub-conscious mind govern you since it is a seat of your wisdom.
  • Written things are more convincing to most of the people because they directly reflect on their brain through the help light.
  • You can't be close to anyone than to yourself.
  • I live in my mind.
  • Every job requires at least a bit of sincerity and patience.
  • Thoughts germinate in the soil of thoughts itself.
  • The deeper your thoughts are the more complicated you get for others to understand.
  • One time reading may only give you and verbal understanding but even a couple of readings can't guarantee a realization.
  • We stop thinking about our goals in two possible situations.
    1.when we have achieved them.
    2.when we are unable to achieve them even after a long time.
  • I don't love you but I like many qualities in you that forces me to love you.
  • Most of us know the fact that human brain is the most complicated matter in the universe but I want to be more specific and say 'womens brain' is the most complicated matter in the universe.
  • Its not our ability to prevent a blunder from occurring but our inability to prevent it sometimes make others laugh.
  • A little bit of a person's character can be made out from his gait.
  • Rare peoples rare ability to speak out the most common thing is very common in their rare community.
  • If someone says he doesn't want any satisfaction in his life then he is surely lying something.
  • There is no successful life without satisfaction.
  • Sometimes having no reason to do a job is itself a big reason for not doing it.
  • The biggest obstacle in our lives that prevent us from getting on top in our work is getting bored with the work itself.
  • One disappointment is enough for most of the people to stop them from heading towards their goal.

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