Friday, January 16, 2009

Thoughts 1

  • Love changes our perception for everything on this earth.
  • An unfaithful lover can make you a cynic.
  • Love teaches you two things whereas hatefulness teaches you only one thing. i.e. hate others.
  • I think after birth of 1000 beautiful faces a beautiful mind was born and it was one.
  • Love teaches you to be sad and mad at the same time.
  • I think we are not enough intelligent to understand our brains completely and because of that we are less intelligent than our own brains.
  • Life spreads as fast as virus does.
  • We cannot meet anyone after meeting death.
  • I do not remember that who the first person I met after I was born but the last person definitely be Mr.Death.
  • A wise man is one who can visualize his future far in advance.
  • If you are true to yourself then you are true to everyone.
  • Beautiful face draws more attention than a beautiful mind.
  • I am sad because nothing makes me happy.
  • At times we have to joke with ourselves.
  • You people are more luckier than me because you are just afraid of death whereas I am afraid of both - life and death.
  • Its not necessary for a broad minded person to be broad minded in every aspect of life. He may possess narrow minded genetic programming in other aspects.
  • I love to hate everyone around me.
  • I want to find out more about myself rather than anyone else.
  • Just a single gal is enough to utterly ruin your life.
  • When there is no one around me to make me feel happy then my sadness itself makes me happy by making its presence felt.
  • There is no happiness without sadness.
  • Happiness is what precedes an event and sadness is what follows it.

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