Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thoughts 3

  • Sometimes few imaginations itself are very difficult to imagine.
  • The other name given to our thoughts when we are fast asleep is 'dream'.
  • As long as we live, so long we think.
  • Its difficult to retain a novel thought for very long in our mind since it is the one that has been freed from our subconscious mind's confinements and is ready to escape.
  • All novel thoughts are prisoners of our deep subconscious mind that are released. And it is only upon their release we can communicate them.
  • To most people who told is more important than to what has been told.
  • People give more importance to 'who' than to 'what' because it requires less thinking over 'who' than 'what'.
  • To acquire knowledge one has to study but to gain wisdom on has to be lonely and thoughtful.
  • Our subconscious self contains more wisdom than our conscious self.
  • The difference between a scientist and an ordinary person is that the former gets astonished after seeing something new where as the later one does not even observe to get surprised.
  • Sometimes when we break out in the middle of a dream everything in reality also looks like a dream.
  • Even a biggest award without satisfaction is of no use.
  • Beautiful thoughts in my mind gallop from my subconscious self to my conscious self.
  • The person who is worth observing by you is yourself.
  • Most of the people observe others but a true observer not only observe others but oneself as well.
  • The way a fool is unaware of his foolishness, an intelligent person might be unaware of his intelligence.
  • Not any intelligent person is intelligent in every field and not any fool is stupid in every field.
  • Most of the statements we think right does not convince everyone because everyone perceive things differently.
  • When I am lonely and no one around me to make me feel happy my sadness makes me feel happy by making its presence felt that I am no more alone.
  • I have always been wondering that why I was brought on to this earth and I cannot able to conclude other than the thought that I was brought here to wonder about this wonderful world.
  • The only difference between you and me is, you love to love gals where as I love to hate them.
  • Many things are common in people because the world's population outnumber 'common things'.
  • Neither a psychiatrist no an eye specialist can help a lover.

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