Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thoughts 10

  • The wiser you are, the more practical you are.
  • The most appropriate person to compete with all the time is 'yourself'.
  • Always try to beat yourself after beating everyone this way you will be always ahead.
  • The least done job by the most of the people is being 'thoughtful'.
  • We can't live without thinking, I ever wonder how most of the people manage to live out their lives without giving a thought.
  • Most of the people think in order to live but very few live in order to think.
  • Let your sub-conscious mind govern you since it is a seat of your wisdom.
  • Written things are more convincing to most of the people because they directly reflect on their brain through the help light.
  • You can't be close to anyone than to yourself.
  • I live in my mind.
  • Every job requires at least a bit of sincerity and patience.
  • Thoughts germinate in the soil of thoughts itself.
  • The deeper your thoughts are the more complicated you get for others to understand.
  • One time reading may only give you and verbal understanding but even a couple of readings can't guarantee a realization.
  • We stop thinking about our goals in two possible situations.
    1.when we have achieved them.
    2.when we are unable to achieve them even after a long time.
  • I don't love you but I like many qualities in you that forces me to love you.
  • Most of us know the fact that human brain is the most complicated matter in the universe but I want to be more specific and say 'womens brain' is the most complicated matter in the universe.
  • Its not our ability to prevent a blunder from occurring but our inability to prevent it sometimes make others laugh.
  • A little bit of a person's character can be made out from his gait.
  • Rare peoples rare ability to speak out the most common thing is very common in their rare community.
  • If someone says he doesn't want any satisfaction in his life then he is surely lying something.
  • There is no successful life without satisfaction.
  • Sometimes having no reason to do a job is itself a big reason for not doing it.
  • The biggest obstacle in our lives that prevent us from getting on top in our work is getting bored with the work itself.
  • One disappointment is enough for most of the people to stop them from heading towards their goal.

Thoughts 9

  • All you need in order to make others pleasant by presence doesn't only require a beautiful face but a beautiful mind as well.
  • The most difficult thing to utter in a large gathering is to speak about the most common things.
  • Sometimes the person who justifies his wrong doings is more unforgiving than the one who doesn't.
  • Getting aware of our ignorance is one the biggest awareness.
  • Sometimes we have to be ignorant about many things in order to be completely aware of a thing around us at a particular instance of time.
  • Sometimes imaginations are more splendid and colorful than reality.
  • If you are confident that you will fall somewhere then you will surely at least stumble somewhere.
  • In order to understand a thought you have to first frame it in the context from which it was born.
  • There are two types of people in the world - one those who discover thoughts from their imaginations and those who put them in to reality for implementing them.
  • All types of thoughts are present in everyone all we have to do is to discover them.
  • Its not our thoughts but the desire to discover new thoughts makes you outstanding.
  • Is there anything more important in life than to 'live'?
  • Its not your face all the time that makes you beautiful.
  • We the human beings are not capable enough even to glorify the God to the extent which He deserves.
  • Find a gal whose face is more beautiful than your mind and her mind more beautiful than her face as your life partner.
  • Cynics are not born, they are made.
  • Bodies are born whereas minds are made.
  • If you are not happy then be happy that at least you are not sad.
  • Some of the things in our lives can't be denied even at the cost of our lives.
  • A major portion of my life is a formality which I have to fulfill.
  • Its not necessary for two persons of same age to possess same level of maturity.
  • One should hide his intelligence for some special occasion.
  • Wisdom is rarer than intelligence.

Thoughts 8

  • Alas, an ugly face doesn't reveal about a beautiful mind if it has one concealing behind it.
  • A beautiful face sometimes might be hiding an ugly mind behind it.
  • Everyone can be creative by being thoughtful and can become thoughtful by being alone.
  • Thoughts are not generated but rather discovered.
  • Empty minds and places are dangerous because they might be haunted.
  • Try not to keep your mind empty because it might get haunted therefore try filling them with some noble thoughts.
  • The thought that you like the most will most probably the one that has close co-relation with you in any aspect.
  • Usually an example is more explanatory than its generalized idea.
  • Just being clever is not enough you have to be clever enough to make out others intelligence.
  • The amount of intelligence a person should possess must be enough to make his dreams come true.
  • Not every of my thought is worth noting down but most of them are worth giving a second thought.
  • I may not be having a great beauty ,ability or maturity but I am enough thoughtful to make others give a second thought about me.
  • A man reveals his characters by the ideas he keep.
  • Its always not necessary for your ability to support itself but sometimes your inability in one may support in another.
  • A man is not a total of what he does but rather a total of what he thinks he could do.
  • Either a beautiful or an ugly face both could equally be deceptive.
  • Revealing stupidity in front for your friends is not that much huge blunder as much releaving your intelligence openly in front our enemies is.
  • The uglier your are the more beautiful you in the eyes of a person who is contradictory to the person who think you are the most ugly person on earth.
  • The secret of getting a novel thought is to be always thoughtful.
  • Men may come and men may go but I will not come again to share my undiscovered thoughts if I go.
  • The best place to look for the treasure of wisdom is our won sub-conscious mind.
  • A beautiful face may only satisfy your heart's desire whereas a beautiful mind can satisfy your soul's as well.

Thoughts 7

  • We can live without artificially produced resources but not without the natural ones.
  • The most common & the most obvious way is not the only one to reach the top in our lives.
  • Praising in presence and criticizing in absence is surely not among one the good qualities.
  • The more you understand a person the more closer or farther you keep that person from yourself.
  • Sometimes asking 'why not' is more important or appropriate than to ask just 'why'.
  • Sometimes what you think is illogical might turn out more than logical than your expectation.
  • A person who in spite of understanding most of the things fail to understand anything in life might be the most complicated person for others to comprehend.
  • What is sometimes feel is greater part of our lives is an assumption.
  • What we see is as real as what we imagine.
  • The more logical you get, the more convincing you become.
  • I had been always after a beautiful mind rather than being after a beautiful face because the later one lasts longer than the former one.
  • What drives me to do things are not the one which I feel like doing but more likely the one which others think I can't do.
  • Your own disposition is more important than anything else in order to be successful in anything you wish to accomplish.
  • Falling in love is like, falling in mire.
  • A well-known saying,'face is the index of mind' sometimes that index could be misleading.
  • Life is an exam in which most of the people fail to do well.
  • Some of the vices which we try to seek in others sometimes reflect our own.
  • To erase your life line, you need the eraser of death.
  • A man starts thinking mostly in two circumstances.
    1. When he has a lot of leisure time.
    2. When he thinks that is left with nothing in his life to live for.
  • Daily I do a big job which is coincidentally the most common job in the world - living.
  • There is always some tendency in every brain of having some kind of tendency in thoughts or behavior.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thoughts 6

  • I don't feel you are even worth enough to be flattered.
  • You can't convince others unless you convince yourself.
  • The biggest satisfaction in your life is that you are satisfied with your life.
  • If you are not willing to perform a task which seem boring to you than start conceiving that this boring task is the beginning part of some interesting one.
  • Learning to believe that you are perfect in whatever you do helps you take the most out of what you had learned until then.
  • It took me a couple of years to feel the presence of myself after I was born.
  • No idea can be completely generalized, every thought in our mind is relative to some context and not in every context.
  • Except God no one is great.
  • Unique ideas that are accepted by most of us are the most common thoughts of our minds.
  • Some of the notable philosophers and writers were called unique because of their unique thoughts which were more common.
  • A widely accepted thoughts is the most common thought.
  • Unlike a beautiful mind a beautiful face is dependent on the admiration of others.
  • What I strongly believe is that all the genius people are followers or disciples of their sub-conscious mind.
  • Always follow your sub-conscious mind as it never leads you astray.
  • In order to convince yourself completely about anything you need to convince yourself that you are ready to be convinced totally.
  • Sometime you may be popular not because of your admirers but rather because of your critics so therefore learn to love them as well for their efforts which might contribute to your popularity.
  • You can make out a gals character to a certain extent by looking the way she behaves when you look at her or by noticing the change she brings in her behavior when you throw a glance at her.
  • A person's state of mind at a particular instance of time can be discovered by the kind of songs he listens to at that moment.
  • I prefer to be an ignorant about you rather than to be called an arrogant after meeting you.
  • Most of the people who are unique possess most common thoughts. The more common thoughts are the most widely accepted.
  • Rare peoples thoughts are very common and widely accepted.
  • You become the type of the person, the type of thinking you engages yourself in.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thoughts 5

  • Sound plays more vital role in the discovery of a person's character than light.
  • I can reflect your change in behavior.
  • A wise man can hide darker side of his character for many years without revealing it to others.
  • Not always a master is wiser than his disciple.
  • Unfortunately one who flatters you in your presence seldom not forgets to criticize you in your absence.
  • Most of the people does not accomplish potential tasks in their lives not because they are not capable of doing it rather because they are incapable enough to convince themselves to try it out.
  • I always want to make my absence felt where ever I go.
  • People who say they need 50% looks and 50% brain in their life partner mean to say that they want 100% looks and 100% brain which is 50/50 of thier choice.
  • Deception is deception either it is given in a direct or indirect way.
  • Converting a pessimistic idea in to an optimistic one is in itself an art of being optimistic.
  • All it takes to be a true lover is to give all you have to whom you love.
  • Thoughts are the most beautiful things which I come across when I am all alone.
  • Some questions can perfectly be answered in terms of 'how much' rather in terms of only 'how' ?
  • You can make out a man's level of hypocrisy by acting as an hypocrite when he is alone with you.
  • What I feel is one must at least be good enough to hide his bad qualities.
  • In order to be a good liar you have to be pretty good enough in convincing yourself that you are not at all a liar.
  • You can't convince anyone until you yourself are in doubt.
  • The difference between an educated and a wise man is that educated mind can read a book whereas a wise mind can read an educated mind along with his book enclosed in his mind.
  • What I feel is the greatest wonder of our mind is to think that there is something which is beyond the scope of our mind's imagination.
  • The only organ that can be trained in our body is brain.
  • In order to understand others, first we need to try to understand ourself.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thoughts 4

  • The only disease that does not require a doctor but rather a person from whom the disease has been caught is needed is 'love'.
  • Sometimes unless you realize you do not understand.
  • The reason for which I like some people may be due the lack of communication.
  • The reason for which I hate some people is because they talk too much with me.
  • No single idea can be true in every context.
  • Life is the only contagious disease that gets transmitted through people of opposite genders.
  • Behave like yourself, behave like a fool.
  • Its not the quality you possess but the quality you lack of not communicating with strangers is the cause that makes me hate you.
  • I hate gals not because I was unable to find one but rather because I found one.
  • A women's character's beauty doesn't lie in showing but rather in hiding her beauty.
  • Even a great beauty is of no use unless there is someone around to admire it.
  • Greatness lies in showing simplicity and not in hiding it.
  • Even if my life personally wanted to negotiate with me it can't.
  • Not all the time I am sad because of others but because of myself.
  • Sometimes it is preferable to convey our message indirectly than directly to make it more clear and have long lasting impact.
  • Every thought that comes to our mind is relative to some context.
  • A wise man is not one who just sees positive or a negative aspects but rather both the aspects of life completely.
  • Reality is stranger that fiction since reality is God-made where as fiction is man-made and God can make things stranger then a man could make.
  • Strange fact is that a strange thing can't be stranger than itself.

Thoughts 3

  • Sometimes few imaginations itself are very difficult to imagine.
  • The other name given to our thoughts when we are fast asleep is 'dream'.
  • As long as we live, so long we think.
  • Its difficult to retain a novel thought for very long in our mind since it is the one that has been freed from our subconscious mind's confinements and is ready to escape.
  • All novel thoughts are prisoners of our deep subconscious mind that are released. And it is only upon their release we can communicate them.
  • To most people who told is more important than to what has been told.
  • People give more importance to 'who' than to 'what' because it requires less thinking over 'who' than 'what'.
  • To acquire knowledge one has to study but to gain wisdom on has to be lonely and thoughtful.
  • Our subconscious self contains more wisdom than our conscious self.
  • The difference between a scientist and an ordinary person is that the former gets astonished after seeing something new where as the later one does not even observe to get surprised.
  • Sometimes when we break out in the middle of a dream everything in reality also looks like a dream.
  • Even a biggest award without satisfaction is of no use.
  • Beautiful thoughts in my mind gallop from my subconscious self to my conscious self.
  • The person who is worth observing by you is yourself.
  • Most of the people observe others but a true observer not only observe others but oneself as well.
  • The way a fool is unaware of his foolishness, an intelligent person might be unaware of his intelligence.
  • Not any intelligent person is intelligent in every field and not any fool is stupid in every field.
  • Most of the statements we think right does not convince everyone because everyone perceive things differently.
  • When I am lonely and no one around me to make me feel happy my sadness makes me feel happy by making its presence felt that I am no more alone.
  • I have always been wondering that why I was brought on to this earth and I cannot able to conclude other than the thought that I was brought here to wonder about this wonderful world.
  • The only difference between you and me is, you love to love gals where as I love to hate them.
  • Many things are common in people because the world's population outnumber 'common things'.
  • Neither a psychiatrist no an eye specialist can help a lover.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About Thoughtful Mind

Hello every Buddy,
My name is Rishad. I would like to brief about myself without going in detail. I am extremely simple ,fun loving ,lazy ,bespectacled person with an acerbic wit. I would like to be a person with whom everyone should feel comfortable but alas I don't feel comfortable with many of those who feel comfortable with me.

During the days of my post graduation I developed keen interest in literature and philosophy and from there I started penning down my philosophical and non-philosophical thoughts. I continued jotting them down until I had written more than 8000 thoughts in a span of less than one and a half year.

My area of interest are computers ,literature ,and philosophy. During the days of my graduation I had been doing things which usually didn't please others. In short, I was into hacking. I am pretty good in networking and computer administration. After completing my M.Sc(IS) I worked as a software developer in a private firm which helped me hone my programming skills. After working for a year or so I kept myself busy as a freelancer.

I know not many people around me to be called as friends but even though I have quite a few of them ,whom I call gems.
I am awaiting someone to come and engulf me in the flames of love. If love is a weapon then I have lost the war. I am not leading a life rather I would say life is dragging me astray.

I started jotted down my thoughts when I read that,'If you would not like to be forgotten as soon as your dead then either to things writing or else write things worth doing'.
Therefore I have opted the second option as I have found it a bit easier.
My thoughts are like beautifully colored butterflies that are trying to escape from a trap and I am like a child who is trying to grab one. And I feel that it is the mind that shapes our personalities.

I am writing down my thoughts to make a name out of my pen. If you would like to peep in to my mind, then here is the way to get lost in thoughts: http://syedrishad.blogspot.com

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thoughts 2

  • Without light there is darkness and without the darkness there is something which is beyond the scope of our imagination.
  • Can there be darkness without the darkness?
  • Believing in a miracle without seeing it is itself a miracle.
  • Belief is not created just by what you see and hear rather by a belief itself.
  • Beliefs are sensitive to light and sound.
  • False belief can be converted to true through light and sound.
  • I am happy with sadness.
  • I am sad not because I am sad now but because I was happy sometime ago.
  • Sometimes happiness could be the cause of sadness.
  • Not any can agree all thoughts of anyone.
  • What I wonder is that you are not enough intelligent to even know that you are a fool.
  • What I wonder about Edison Thompson is not his ability to invent a bulb but to discover 1000 failures which led him to one successful invention.
  • Sometimes it is useful to be ignorant.
  • We cannot convince everyone about every thought that comes to our mind.
  • All of us are philosophers in ourself all we have to do to be philosophic is to wake up that philosopher.
  • Many people are not loved by their beloved ones but those who are loved are luckier ones but when the fate strikes they become more unlucky than those who are unloved.
  • An intellectual is a fool for a foolish person and vice versa.
  • Usually what has been read is given more importance than to what has been listened.

Thoughts 1

  • Love changes our perception for everything on this earth.
  • An unfaithful lover can make you a cynic.
  • Love teaches you two things whereas hatefulness teaches you only one thing. i.e. hate others.
  • I think after birth of 1000 beautiful faces a beautiful mind was born and it was one.
  • Love teaches you to be sad and mad at the same time.
  • I think we are not enough intelligent to understand our brains completely and because of that we are less intelligent than our own brains.
  • Life spreads as fast as virus does.
  • We cannot meet anyone after meeting death.
  • I do not remember that who the first person I met after I was born but the last person definitely be Mr.Death.
  • A wise man is one who can visualize his future far in advance.
  • If you are true to yourself then you are true to everyone.
  • Beautiful face draws more attention than a beautiful mind.
  • I am sad because nothing makes me happy.
  • At times we have to joke with ourselves.
  • You people are more luckier than me because you are just afraid of death whereas I am afraid of both - life and death.
  • Its not necessary for a broad minded person to be broad minded in every aspect of life. He may possess narrow minded genetic programming in other aspects.
  • I love to hate everyone around me.
  • I want to find out more about myself rather than anyone else.
  • Just a single gal is enough to utterly ruin your life.
  • When there is no one around me to make me feel happy then my sadness itself makes me happy by making its presence felt.
  • There is no happiness without sadness.
  • Happiness is what precedes an event and sadness is what follows it.

Thoughts From A Thoughtful Mind

  • Every eye can see a beautiful face but very few can make out a beautiful mind.
  • I want to be a person with whom everyone should feel comfortable but alas I do not feel comfortable with many of those who feel comfortable with me.
  • There are lot of buds blooming in the garden but very few of them smells good.
  • There are lot of good smelling flowers in the garden but I am in search of a flower whose smell has not been smelt by anyone.
  • I meet someone when I am alone - its my loneliness.
  • I am married to my loneliness.
  • Sometimes we have to behave like a foolish to prove our intelligence.
  • Sometimes one has to be seriously funny in order to make others laugh.
  • Rarely does a beautiful mind resides behind a beautiful face.
    Its not necessary if a person behaves innocently is innocent.
  • If two people hold different opinion about a person because they see him in different light.
  • If someone is good in a particular subject then all that comes to his mind in that subject is common sense for him.
  • Every event in our life is a source and a destination in itself. The destination could be a source of another destination.
  • If you want to impress a person then do not say what you think is right but rather say what he might feel correct.
  • I may not be having maturity to give you a piece of advice but I am enough matured to guess your maturity.
  • Change never gets changed.
  • All I have been waiting for throughout my life since I was born is my death.
  • Expect the unexpected should be the most expected sentence in our lives.
  • We get divorced from our loneliness when we get married.