Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thoughts 4

  • The only disease that does not require a doctor but rather a person from whom the disease has been caught is needed is 'love'.
  • Sometimes unless you realize you do not understand.
  • The reason for which I like some people may be due the lack of communication.
  • The reason for which I hate some people is because they talk too much with me.
  • No single idea can be true in every context.
  • Life is the only contagious disease that gets transmitted through people of opposite genders.
  • Behave like yourself, behave like a fool.
  • Its not the quality you possess but the quality you lack of not communicating with strangers is the cause that makes me hate you.
  • I hate gals not because I was unable to find one but rather because I found one.
  • A women's character's beauty doesn't lie in showing but rather in hiding her beauty.
  • Even a great beauty is of no use unless there is someone around to admire it.
  • Greatness lies in showing simplicity and not in hiding it.
  • Even if my life personally wanted to negotiate with me it can't.
  • Not all the time I am sad because of others but because of myself.
  • Sometimes it is preferable to convey our message indirectly than directly to make it more clear and have long lasting impact.
  • Every thought that comes to our mind is relative to some context.
  • A wise man is not one who just sees positive or a negative aspects but rather both the aspects of life completely.
  • Reality is stranger that fiction since reality is God-made where as fiction is man-made and God can make things stranger then a man could make.
  • Strange fact is that a strange thing can't be stranger than itself.

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