Friday, January 16, 2009

Thoughts 2

  • Without light there is darkness and without the darkness there is something which is beyond the scope of our imagination.
  • Can there be darkness without the darkness?
  • Believing in a miracle without seeing it is itself a miracle.
  • Belief is not created just by what you see and hear rather by a belief itself.
  • Beliefs are sensitive to light and sound.
  • False belief can be converted to true through light and sound.
  • I am happy with sadness.
  • I am sad not because I am sad now but because I was happy sometime ago.
  • Sometimes happiness could be the cause of sadness.
  • Not any can agree all thoughts of anyone.
  • What I wonder is that you are not enough intelligent to even know that you are a fool.
  • What I wonder about Edison Thompson is not his ability to invent a bulb but to discover 1000 failures which led him to one successful invention.
  • Sometimes it is useful to be ignorant.
  • We cannot convince everyone about every thought that comes to our mind.
  • All of us are philosophers in ourself all we have to do to be philosophic is to wake up that philosopher.
  • Many people are not loved by their beloved ones but those who are loved are luckier ones but when the fate strikes they become more unlucky than those who are unloved.
  • An intellectual is a fool for a foolish person and vice versa.
  • Usually what has been read is given more importance than to what has been listened.

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