Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About Thoughtful Mind

Hello every Buddy,
My name is Rishad. I would like to brief about myself without going in detail. I am extremely simple ,fun loving ,lazy ,bespectacled person with an acerbic wit. I would like to be a person with whom everyone should feel comfortable but alas I don't feel comfortable with many of those who feel comfortable with me.

During the days of my post graduation I developed keen interest in literature and philosophy and from there I started penning down my philosophical and non-philosophical thoughts. I continued jotting them down until I had written more than 8000 thoughts in a span of less than one and a half year.

My area of interest are computers ,literature ,and philosophy. During the days of my graduation I had been doing things which usually didn't please others. In short, I was into hacking. I am pretty good in networking and computer administration. After completing my M.Sc(IS) I worked as a software developer in a private firm which helped me hone my programming skills. After working for a year or so I kept myself busy as a freelancer.

I know not many people around me to be called as friends but even though I have quite a few of them ,whom I call gems.
I am awaiting someone to come and engulf me in the flames of love. If love is a weapon then I have lost the war. I am not leading a life rather I would say life is dragging me astray.

I started jotted down my thoughts when I read that,'If you would not like to be forgotten as soon as your dead then either to things writing or else write things worth doing'.
Therefore I have opted the second option as I have found it a bit easier.
My thoughts are like beautifully colored butterflies that are trying to escape from a trap and I am like a child who is trying to grab one. And I feel that it is the mind that shapes our personalities.

I am writing down my thoughts to make a name out of my pen. If you would like to peep in to my mind, then here is the way to get lost in thoughts:

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