Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thoughts 9

  • All you need in order to make others pleasant by presence doesn't only require a beautiful face but a beautiful mind as well.
  • The most difficult thing to utter in a large gathering is to speak about the most common things.
  • Sometimes the person who justifies his wrong doings is more unforgiving than the one who doesn't.
  • Getting aware of our ignorance is one the biggest awareness.
  • Sometimes we have to be ignorant about many things in order to be completely aware of a thing around us at a particular instance of time.
  • Sometimes imaginations are more splendid and colorful than reality.
  • If you are confident that you will fall somewhere then you will surely at least stumble somewhere.
  • In order to understand a thought you have to first frame it in the context from which it was born.
  • There are two types of people in the world - one those who discover thoughts from their imaginations and those who put them in to reality for implementing them.
  • All types of thoughts are present in everyone all we have to do is to discover them.
  • Its not our thoughts but the desire to discover new thoughts makes you outstanding.
  • Is there anything more important in life than to 'live'?
  • Its not your face all the time that makes you beautiful.
  • We the human beings are not capable enough even to glorify the God to the extent which He deserves.
  • Find a gal whose face is more beautiful than your mind and her mind more beautiful than her face as your life partner.
  • Cynics are not born, they are made.
  • Bodies are born whereas minds are made.
  • If you are not happy then be happy that at least you are not sad.
  • Some of the things in our lives can't be denied even at the cost of our lives.
  • A major portion of my life is a formality which I have to fulfill.
  • Its not necessary for two persons of same age to possess same level of maturity.
  • One should hide his intelligence for some special occasion.
  • Wisdom is rarer than intelligence.

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