Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thoughts 7

  • We can live without artificially produced resources but not without the natural ones.
  • The most common & the most obvious way is not the only one to reach the top in our lives.
  • Praising in presence and criticizing in absence is surely not among one the good qualities.
  • The more you understand a person the more closer or farther you keep that person from yourself.
  • Sometimes asking 'why not' is more important or appropriate than to ask just 'why'.
  • Sometimes what you think is illogical might turn out more than logical than your expectation.
  • A person who in spite of understanding most of the things fail to understand anything in life might be the most complicated person for others to comprehend.
  • What is sometimes feel is greater part of our lives is an assumption.
  • What we see is as real as what we imagine.
  • The more logical you get, the more convincing you become.
  • I had been always after a beautiful mind rather than being after a beautiful face because the later one lasts longer than the former one.
  • What drives me to do things are not the one which I feel like doing but more likely the one which others think I can't do.
  • Your own disposition is more important than anything else in order to be successful in anything you wish to accomplish.
  • Falling in love is like, falling in mire.
  • A well-known saying,'face is the index of mind' sometimes that index could be misleading.
  • Life is an exam in which most of the people fail to do well.
  • Some of the vices which we try to seek in others sometimes reflect our own.
  • To erase your life line, you need the eraser of death.
  • A man starts thinking mostly in two circumstances.
    1. When he has a lot of leisure time.
    2. When he thinks that is left with nothing in his life to live for.
  • Daily I do a big job which is coincidentally the most common job in the world - living.
  • There is always some tendency in every brain of having some kind of tendency in thoughts or behavior.

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