Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thoughts 5

  • Sound plays more vital role in the discovery of a person's character than light.
  • I can reflect your change in behavior.
  • A wise man can hide darker side of his character for many years without revealing it to others.
  • Not always a master is wiser than his disciple.
  • Unfortunately one who flatters you in your presence seldom not forgets to criticize you in your absence.
  • Most of the people does not accomplish potential tasks in their lives not because they are not capable of doing it rather because they are incapable enough to convince themselves to try it out.
  • I always want to make my absence felt where ever I go.
  • People who say they need 50% looks and 50% brain in their life partner mean to say that they want 100% looks and 100% brain which is 50/50 of thier choice.
  • Deception is deception either it is given in a direct or indirect way.
  • Converting a pessimistic idea in to an optimistic one is in itself an art of being optimistic.
  • All it takes to be a true lover is to give all you have to whom you love.
  • Thoughts are the most beautiful things which I come across when I am all alone.
  • Some questions can perfectly be answered in terms of 'how much' rather in terms of only 'how' ?
  • You can make out a man's level of hypocrisy by acting as an hypocrite when he is alone with you.
  • What I feel is one must at least be good enough to hide his bad qualities.
  • In order to be a good liar you have to be pretty good enough in convincing yourself that you are not at all a liar.
  • You can't convince anyone until you yourself are in doubt.
  • The difference between an educated and a wise man is that educated mind can read a book whereas a wise mind can read an educated mind along with his book enclosed in his mind.
  • What I feel is the greatest wonder of our mind is to think that there is something which is beyond the scope of our mind's imagination.
  • The only organ that can be trained in our body is brain.
  • In order to understand others, first we need to try to understand ourself.

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