Monday, April 4, 2011

Thoughts 12

  • Never let emotions overshadow your logic. One who is intelligent prevents mixing up of logic with his emotions.
  • If you want to know someone then meet him directly, and don't be dependent on coincidence because coincidence may not want to meet you.
  • Everyone understands things at different level of their understandings.
  • In order to counter-react every move of your enemy wisely, learn to think like your smartest enemy.
  • Sometimes our logic ceases to work when we talk about people whom we detest.
  • Everything is impossible as long as you think it is.
  • Everyone thinks at their sub-conscious level but very few of them responds consciously to their subconscious thoughts.
  • If you want guess the level of mordernism of a gal than look at her foot wear rather than looking at her dress.
  • The tighter dress a gal wears, the loser her character is.
  • A person with inferiority complex tries to hide his IC by trying to show superiority in one or the other way.
  • The more conscious you become about your physiology the more vulnerable you become.

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